Operation Dry Water Agency Reports

Agency _lat _lon
Scituate Police Marine Unit42.1939754-70.7697128
USCG STA FORT PIERCE27.4467056-80.3256056
North Charleston Police Dept32.8546197-79.9748103
Town of Norway Police Department42.8294603-88.1586998
New Bedford Police Marine Unit41.6362152-70.934205
Manistee County Sheriff's Office44.244447-86.324253
USCG Sector Corpus Christi27.8002542-97.3955744
USCG STA WILMETTE HARBOR42.0757315-87.7193768
Ipswich police42.679273-70.8411583
Town of Oyster Bay40.8262101-73.502068
Town of Fairhaven Harbormaster41.6376043-70.9036487
USCG Station Castle Hill41.4899827-71.3137707
LASD Parks Bureau (Lakes)34.4888822-118.6228656
Westchester County Police41.0748189-73.7751326
Erie County Sheriffs Marine Patrol42.8867166-78.8783922
Mohave County Sheriff's Office34.4838502-114.3224495
Dutchess County Sheriff's Office41.7065779-73.9284101
VILLAGE OF MAMARONECK POLICE40.9530349135-73.7356017652
CGC SAWFISH30.3674198-89.0928155
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary 095-47-0244.5126379-88.0125794
Stonington Police Department
Umatilla County Sheriff's Office45.672075-118.7885967
Falmouth Police Department43.729525-70.241993
Kootenai County Sheriff's Office47.6742994-116.7811531
Chelan County Sheriff47.4234599-120.3103494
USCG STA Bayfield46.8332984989-90.8242376688
USCGC CUTTYHUNK48.118146-123.4307413
USCG STA Ketchikan55.3430696-131.6466819
Columbus Ohio Division of Police39.9622601-83.0007065
Port Orchard Police Department47.5315625-122.6384056
PLUMAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE39.9368363-120.9471764
Hull Harbormaster42.3020436-70.9078243
Charles County Sheriff's Office38.5292877-76.9752514
USCG Station Sand Key27.9774736-82.8279313
Kent Police Department47.3826903-122.2270272
USCG STA PORTLAND45.5202471-122.6741949
Columbia County Sheriff's Office45.8640034-122.8064922
Murray County Sheriff’s Office43.987742-95.755846
Milwaukee Police Department- Harbor Patrol43.0349931-87.922497
Stratford Police (Connecticut)41.1845415-73.1331651
Scarborough Harbormaster43.59622635-70.3300556789
Waukesha County Sheriff's Department43.0116784-88.2314813
Marion County Sheriff's Office29.1871986-82.1400923
Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol29.5639758-95.2864299
USCG Station Annapolis38.9786401-76.492786
Coos county sheriffs office43.177055-124.187608
Elmore County Sheriff's Office43.1329504-115.6911975
USCG Station Maui20.887041-156.505051
Gem County Sheriffs Office43.8734979-116.4993012
USCG Sector New Orleans29.9499323-90.0701156
Colchester Police Department44.54791-73.155899
Parks and Recreation - LPSRA33.7825194-117.2286478
Ramsey County Shefff's Office45.0761409-93.1666945
Sector Ohio Valley38.2542376-85.759407
Alaska Wildlife Troopers61.5995703-149.1110902
Branch County Sheriffs Office41.9403263-85.0005215
Charleston County Sheriff's Office32.8546197-79.9748103
Station Indian River Inlet38.7161577-75.1064674
Tillamook County Sheriff's Office45.455921-123.844429
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office45.5202471-122.6741949
USCGC FORREST REDNOUR33.7358518-118.2922934
Hartford Town Police Department43.3177776-88.378857
CT Environmental Conservation Police41.631488-72.459808
USCG Auxiliary - Central Brevard Flotilla, FL (17-6)28.3137515-80.7242189018
Humboldt County Sheriff's Office40.8020712-124.1636729
USCG MSU Morgan City29.6993748-91.20677
Wayne County Office of Sheriff43.0642305-76.9902456
Clay County Sheriff's Office
CGC ORCAS43.4065089-124.2242824
Suffolk County Sheriffs Office40.9170435-72.6620402
USCG SECTOR LA/LB33.7358518-118.2922934
Wahkiakum County Sheriff Office46.2031673-123.3831893
NM State Parks / Navajo Lake State Park32.3140354-106.7798078
Michigan Department of Natural Resources42.7337712-84.5553805
Norwalk Ct. Marine Division
Poulsbo Police Department47.7391366-122.63928
Station Pascagoula30.3646795-88.5585995
Gallia County Sheriffs Office38.8207705158-82.229368289
Fairfax County PD38.8303098-77.1964966
Prince William County Police Dept38.6581723-77.2497049
USCG Station Bellingham48.7544012-122.4788361
City of Lakewood Police Department47.1714085-122.5164
USCGC Sailfish29.2366172-89.9872942
Fresno County Sheriff's Office36.7295295-119.7088612608
USCG Sta Apra Harbor
OSP - COOS BAY43.4065089-124.2242824
CA State Parks38.6779591-121.1760583
Utah State Parks38.5738096-109.5462146
USCG STA Grays Harbor46.889789-124.110419
Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol34.4221319-119.7026673
Dakota County Sheriff's Office44.7426933-92.8518697
USCG Station ST Inigoes38.152904-76.4230064
Station Alexandria Bay
Tulare County Sheriff36.3302284-119.2920585
Charlotte County Sheriff's Office26.9297836-82.0453664
USCG Sector San Diego32.7174209-117.1627714
Station Ponce de Leon Inlet29.0294202-81.0208342327
USCG Station Port O'Connor28.4464806-96.4141075
MSD Cincinnnati39.1014537-84.5124602
Madera County Sheriff’s Office37.3279997-119.6493154
Mariposa County Sheriff37.4849377-119.9662843
Yolo County Sheriff38.6786109-121.7733285
Mono County Sheriff's Office38.255757-119.2312665
Wyoming Game and Fish Department42.866632-106.313081
Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office44.1634663-93.9993505
Geneva Lake Law Enforcement42.5780721-88.5409333
Saratoga County Sheriff's Office43.0009087-73.8490111
CT State Police41.5756543-72.3320269
Kansas Wildlife Parks and Tourism37.6439071-98.7375911
Oceana County Sheriff's Office43.698341-86.363965
Greenwich Police Department41.0264862-73.6284598
New Mexico State Parks32.3140354-106.7798078
USCG Sector Long Island Sound41.3082138-72.9250518
Lincoln County Sheriff's Office44.636755-124.053442
Nebraska Game & Parks40.8-96.667821
Custer County Sheriff’s Office
CG Station Freeport28.9433033-95.297715
Coast Guard Station Southwest Harbor44.2798024-68.3250168
Venice Police Marine Unit27.0998708-82.4544132
Long Beach Police Dept/ Port Div.33.7690164-118.1916048
LaPorte County Sheriff's Office41.6105983-86.7225227
US Forest Serivce45.852744-87.021805
96th Security Forces Squadron - Eglin AFB
NH State Police Marine Patrol43.54805-71.407013
Station Elizabeth City36.2720334-76.2238915168
Ada County Sheriff's Office43.61656-116.200835
Alaska DNR61.5824216-149.4425638
Placer County Sheriff's Office38.8945939-121.0739897
Douglas County Sheriff's Office47.4156824-120.2931263
USCG Station Fire Island40.692470229-73.3244444002
Division of Environmental Enforcement DPNR STX
USCG Station Gulfport30.3674198-89.0928155
MT FWP46.592712-112.036109
Solano County Sheriff Office38.2493581-122.0399663
City of Rye Police Marine Unit40.9808209-73.684294
USCGC HAWKSBILL36.600256-121.8946388
Portage County Sheriff's Office44.5021951029-89.5705127563
Van Buren County Sheriff's Office42.2178171-85.8911246
Bingham County Sheriff's Office43.1925381952-112.3669666154
Charlotte Mecklenburg Policw35.2270869-80.8431268
Station Eastport44.906469-66.990509
Sta Little Creek36.916741379-76.1138194993
Small Boat Station Charleston32.7876012-79.9402728
USCG Station Oswego43.4547284-76.5095967
New York State Park Police42.6511674-73.754968
Baltimore County Police Department - Marine Unit39.3342745-76.4394057
Port of London Authority
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office44.6334544-121.1294872
Sonoma County Sheriff38.4404675-122.7144314
Douglas County Sheriff's Office38.9542487-119.7656174
CGC RAZORBILL36.8699687841-76.3838401907
Clark County Sheriff’s Office38.2770227-85.7371604
USCG Station Juneau58.3574652756-134.5410706102
El Dorado County Sheriff's Office38.7296252-120.798546
New Rochelle Police40.9115386-73.7826363
Station Brant Point41.2851566-70.0984222
NPS St. Croix National Scenic Riverway45.4104918-92.6445824
Bonner County Sheriff - Marine Division48.2765903-116.5532476
MPD Harbor Patrol Washington DC38.8950092-77.0365625
Klamath County Sheriff's Office42.224867-121.7816704
Colorado Parks and Wildlife39.613321-105.0166498
Hennepin County Sheriff's Office44.9352407-93.6321817
ND Game and Fish46.808327-100.783739
Maine Marine Patrol44.310583-69.779663
Maine Warden Service43.886016-70.331726
Massachusetts Environmental Police41.6917744-70.4994721
Arizona Game and Fish Dept.33.4485866-112.0773456
Station Saint Joseph42.1095808-86.4799538
Charleston Police Department32.7876012-79.9402728
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office44.0581728-121.3153096
Shasta County Sheriff's Office40.5863563-122.3916754
Department of Natural Resources41.5910641-93.6037149
Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife38.2009055-84.8732836
Brown Co. Sheriff's Office44.5126379-88.0125794
Owyhee Co Sheriff's department43.2169179-116.5511226
NYS ENCON Police44.2986109-74.0754939
Station Calumet Harbor41.7244511175-87.5684001298
USCG Station Yaquina Bay44.636755-124.053442
Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources-Law Enforcement Div.39.7683331-86.1583502
USCG STATION MICHIGAN CITY41.7075394-86.8950297
Gig Harbor Police Department47.3259697-122.5878659
Lake George Park Commission43.425996-73.712425
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service32.6851717951-114.5085471719
Winnebago County Sheriffs Office44.0206919-88.5408574
CG Station Depoe Bay44.8104233-124.0620096
Malheur County Sheriff Office43.982063-117.2384564
Sarasota Police Department27.3364347-82.5306527
Yuba County Sheriff's Department39.1457247-121.5913516
Norfolk Police Department36.8881063925-76.2398425977
James City County Police Department37.2708788-76.7074042
Alabama Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Law Enforcement32.3669656-86.3006485
LA County Sheriff's Department - Marina del Rey Station
Jerome County Sheriff's Office42.7238458-114.5188082
US Army Corps of Engineers - Englebright Lake39.2073932-121.2985701
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)30.4380832-84.2809332
Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office46.1420334-122.9060318
California State Parks, Millerton Lake SRA36.9877274-119.7118118
Big Thicket National Preserve/Nat'l Park Service30.3715975-94.3124116
Missouri State Highway Patrol, Water Patrol Division38.577359-92.1724265
USCG Station Port Angeles48.118146-123.4307413
USCG Station LA/LB33.7358518-118.2922934
USCG Station Portage47.1196494-88.5115109
STATION PROVINCETOWN42.058436-70.1786375
VA Marine Police (middle area)
Station Tillamook Bay45.559817-123.911203
USCG STA NEW HAVEN41.3082138-72.9250518
Nez Perce COunty46.4165506-117.0176569
USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 4729.9942265-90.2417806
Green Cove Springs Police29.9919085-81.6781467
California State Parks - Ocotillo Wells District33.2566792-116.3782682
Chisago County Sheriff's Office45.3938525-92.8166024
Beltrami County Sheriff's Office
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Arizona33.4151117-111.8314773
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources44.9504037-93.1015026
USCG STA MERRIMACK RIVER42.8125913-70.8772751
Marinette County Sheriff's Office45.0999594-87.6307265
Forest County Sheriff's Office45.571907-88.902892
Adams County Sheriff's Office43.9705262-89.816793
Rock County Sheriff's Office
Town of Rome Police Department44.3124644-89.9042937
Vilas County Sheriff's Office45.917176-89.244299
Oconto County Sheriff's Office44.8872124-87.8645473
Racine County Sheriff's Office42.7260523-87.7825242
Bayfield County Sheriff's Office
Town of East Troy Police Water Patrol42.7851871-88.4054374
Douglas County Sheriff's Office43.216505-123.3417381
Suffolk Police Department36.8561140767-76.4643843432
Lauderdale Lakes Law Enforcement Patrol42.6330703-88.6437138
Dane County Sheriff's Office43.074761-89.3837613
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources43.074761-89.3837613
NJ State Police40.263997-74.8184964
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife47.0451022-122.8950075
MSD PEORIA40.666149-89.5800978
Station Cleveland Harbor42.8867166-78.8783922
Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries
Linn County Sheriff's Office44.6365071-123.1059324
USCGC TERN (WPB 87343)37.7792808-122.4192363
STA Honolulu21.304547-157.8556764
USCG STATION MILWAUKEE43.0349931-87.922497
Maryland Natural Resources Police38.9786401-76.492786
Allegan County Sheriff's Office42.5291989-85.8553031
Larimer County Natural Resources40.385549-105.044361321
St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office44.9746896-92.7568703
Oklahoma Highway Patrol Marine Enforcement Section35.6419952-97.7464345
Department of Land and Natural Resources20.8894101-156.4727118
Barry County Sheriff's Office42.6458683-85.2908404
WARREN COUNTY SHERIFF43.425996-73.712425
South Lake Tahoe Police Department38.9332411-119.9843482
Village of Summit Police43.0483624-88.4709941
Chesapeake Police Department36.7183708-76.2466798
Benton County Sheriff’s Office44.5645659-123.2620435
King County Sheriff's Office47.6859573-122.1920249
Clatsop County Sheriff's Office46.1539394626-123.9137685604
Virginia Marine Police
Black Diamond Police Department47.3083078-122.0037583
Cassia County Sheriff42.5357428-113.7927948
Jackson County Sheriff's Office42.376782-122.912721
Spokane County Sheriff's Office47.7241586-117.0689244
Nevada Dept. of Wildlife39.52927-119.8136744
Oswego County Sheriff's Office43.4547284-76.5095967
Berrien County Sheriff's Deparment42.1095808-86.4799538
USCG STATION OCEAN CITY38.3348728-75.0847659
STAMFORD POLICE HARBOR UNIT41.0534302-73.5387341
TOWN OF MERTON LAKE PATROL43.1561175-88.3706519
STATION FAIRPORT41.7361547-81.2812144
Quogue Village Police Department40.823177-72.6096451
Marion County Sheriff's Office (Oregon)44.9391565-123.033121
Scott County MN Sheriff's Office44.7980186-93.5268986
DNR Natural Resources Police38.368429-81.69957
Naples Marine Safety Division43.972063-70.609818
USCGC KATMAI BAY46.490586-84.359269
South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks44.081176-103.228006
Island County Sheriff's Office48.2181895-122.6858073
Valley County Sheriff's Office44.5159886-116.0418382
USCGC JOHN MCCORMICK (WPC 1121)55.3430696-131.6466819
Washington County Sheriff45.5228939-122.989827
Harris County Sheriff's Office29.7589382-95.3676974
Knox County Sheriff's Office40.3933956-82.4857181
Washington County Sheriffs Office45.0564041-92.8134982
CG Sector Lower Mississippi River35.1490215-90.0516285
CGC ADELIE48.118146-123.4307413
Imperial County Sheriff's Office32.792-115.5630514
St Johns County Sheriffs Office Marine Unit29.8946952-81.3145395
Ottawa County Sheriff's Office42.921341-86.1471466
Caribou County Sheriff's Office42.6543652-111.6046687
Clearwater County Sheriff's Office46.4811378-116.2557789
USCG Station Vallejo38.1040864-122.2566367
USCG Station Oxford38.6865072-76.1716108
USCG STATION SOUTH PORTLAND43.6414716-70.2408811
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency36.1622296-86.7743531
USCG AUXILIARY FLOTILLA 6429.5821811-95.7607832
Nassau County Sheriff’s Office30.6319034-81.6064866
Town of Waterford Police Department42.7630722-88.2142563
Huron Police Department41.4008035-82.5624563421
City of Green Bay Police Department44.5126379-88.0125794
California Department parks and Recreation39.5137752-121.556359
Lane County Sheriff's Office44.0505054-123.0950506
Collier County Sheriff's Office26.1421976-81.7942944
Utah Division of Parks and Recreation
Wareham Dept of Natural Resources41.7626037-70.7217017
USCG Sector Delaware Bay39.9527237-75.1635262
Tacoma Police47.2495798-122.4398746
Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
Marine Safety Unit Paducah37.0833893-88.6000478
Lincoln County Sheriff's Office47.6540456-118.149973
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Marine Enforcement Section27.9477595-82.458444
Illinois Dept of Natural Resources, Law Enforcement39.7990175-89.6439575
Lake County Sheriff's Office/ Marine Patrol39.0429506-122.9158293
Miami-Dade Police Department25.7742658-80.1936589
NM State Parks / Elephant Butte Lake State Park32.3140354-106.7798078
CG Station Panama City30.1765914-85.8054879
STATION STURGEON BAY44.8341639-87.377042
USCG STATION PENSACOLA30.421309-87.2169149
USCG Sector Houston-Galveston29.7589382-95.3676974
GA DNR Law Enforcement33.6479573142-83.731000768
Cleveland Metroparks Ranger Department41.4461727-81.8526519
BFD ST THomas39.1491974-79.4979721
US Army Corps of Engineers Waco Lake31.549333-97.1466695
Bonneville County Sheriff's Office, Idaho43.4935245-112.0400919
Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office30.4457544-86.5791189
USCG STATION CAPE CHARLES37.2679148-76.0174326
FORT LAUDERDALE POLICE26.1223084-80.1433786
Hampton Police Division37.0520315-76.2856365
Durham County Sheriff's Office35.9971544817-78.895965583
Orange County Sheriff's Pffice28.5421097-81.3790388
Blaine County Sheriff43.519629-114.315325
Newport News Police Department36.9786449-76.4321089
Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office46.3580221-94.2008288
California State Parks - Silverwood Lake SRA34.4263886-117.3008784
USCG STATION ROCHESTER43.157285-77.615214
USCG Station Erie42.1294712-80.0852695
USCG STATION KAUAI21.9769622-159.3687721
USCG STA DAUPHIN ISLAND30.2542022-88.1124817
SAN BERNARDINO CO SHERIFF'S DEPT34.8480597-114.6141316
USCG Sector Mobile Enforcement30.6943566-88.0430541
National Park Service - Glen Canyon NRA36.9148305-111.4572942
ODNR Parks and Watercraft39.9622601-83.0007065
Clarksville Police Department36.5277607-87.3588703
USCG Station San Juan
Walla Walla County Sheriff46.0650381-118.3302476
Station Venice29.2790634-89.3587403
Station Portsmouth Harbor43.0664172-70.7198542
Brevard County Sheriff's Office28.5391651-80.6719958
USCG Station Channel Islands Harbor34.1976308-119.1803818
Louisville Metro Police River Patrol38.2542376-85.759407
Nassau County Police Department (Marine Bureau)40.7492678-73.6406845
GLENN COUNTY SHERIFF39.5233276-122.193531
GOODHUE COUNTY SHERIFF44.5624676-92.5338013
Station Mayport30.3480337564-81.4125429224
St. Petersburg Police Department27.7703796-82.6695085
USCG Station Siuslaw River43.982672-124.099839
Port St Lucie Police Department27.2939333-80.3503283
USCG Station Seattle47.6038321-122.3300624
USCG Station New Orleans30.001852-90.176714916
Big Cedar Lake PRD43.4252776-88.1834277
CG STATION KEY WEST24.5625566-81.7724368
Leelanau County Sheriff's Office44.976666-85.650639
MSU HUNTINGTON38.4095298-82.2945923
Fairfield Police Marine Unit41.1394041-73.2561589513
USCG Sta Port Canaveral28.3881698-80.6032641248
Kingston Police Department35.8809084-84.5085447
USCG Station Charlevoix45.317649-85.258348
CG STATION ST CLAIR SHORES42.4969652-82.8890965
Ozaukee County Sheriff's Office43.3872247-87.875644
USCG Station Crisfield37.97998205-75.8529289173
USCG STATION CHINCOTEAGUE37.9331799-75.3788141
Delaware Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police39.158168-75.5243682
Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Office46.9812063-123.6026629
USCG Station Galveston29.299328-94.7945882
Coast Guard Station Boston42.3602534-71.0582912
USCG STATION ST PETERSBURG27.7703796-82.6695085
STATION DESTIN30.3935337-86.4957834
USCG Station Tybee31.9987321-80.8469427
USCG STATION LAKE CHARLES30.2265949-93.2173759
USCG Sector Upper Mississippi River38.6268039-90.1994097
USCG Station Curtis Bay39.2257902-76.5892145
East Hartford Police Department41.7623342-72.6204092087
USCG MSU Pittsburgh40.3561805-80.1100556
USCG STATION NIAGARA43.247453-79.050064
USCG Station Washington DC38.8950092-77.0365625
USGC Station Islamorada24.9242995-80.6278404
Station Eatons Neck40.9040576-73.3420169302
USCG Station Brunswick31.1499528-81.4914894
Portage County Sheriff's Office41.157557-81.242047
La Crosse Police Department43.8014053-91.2395429
Canyon County Sheriff Office43.6678736-116.6894156
Lake County Sheriff's Office41.7244885-81.245657
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department30.2711286-97.7436995
Clallam County Sheriff's Office48.118146-123.4307413
Asharoken Police Department40.97345655-73.3834044065
Station Humboldt Bay40.8187372-124.1864518
BUTTE COUNTY SHERIFF39.5137752-121.556359
USCG MSST Los Angeles/Long Beach 9110333.7358518-118.2922934
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary City Island Flotilla (014-05-04)40.8466508-73.8785937
Station Neah Bay48.365339-124.615534
CGC FLYINGFISH36.916741379-76.1138194993
Lake County (IL) Sheriff's Office42.3636331-87.8447938
Power County Sheriff's Office42.7860227-112.8544377
Baltimore Police Department Marine Unit39.330982311-76.6334969685
USCG MSST HONOLULU 9110721.304547-157.8556764
CLARK COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE44.5596765-90.596531082
Thurston County Sheriff's Office47.0451022-122.8950075
Coconino COunty Sheriff's Office36.9148305-111.4572942
VILLAGE OF PEWAUKEE43.0805651-88.2612045
USCG Station Montauk41.0359353-71.9545146
USCG STATION VALDEZ ALASKA61.1299396-146.3493638
USCG Station Bodega Bay38.33325-123.0480571
USCG Station Monterey36.600256-121.8946388
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources34.0007493-81.0343313
Station Saint Ignace45.8686238-84.7278281
STA Morro Bay35.3658075-120.8499013
Biscayne National Park25.4718946-80.4759905
Station Hobucken35.2457225-76.5690939
USCG Station Coos Bay43.3400096-124.3302401
Sta Duluth46.7729322-92.1251218
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission35.7803977-78.6390989
Seattle Police Harbor Patrol Unit47.6038321-122.3300624
Yakima County Sheriff's Office46.601557-120.5108421
USCG STATION CHETCO RIVER42.0483697-124.2576719
STATION MIAMI BEACH25.7929198-80.1353006
US Fish & Wildlife Service - Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex39.5233276-122.193531
Contra Costa County Sheriff's Marine Patrol37.9974219-121.7124536
USCG STATION RIO VISTA38.1557502-121.6913439
USCG Station Saginaw River43.61435955-83.8417168632
USCG Station Toledo41.6786754-83.5127283
uscg Station Tawas44.279461-83.490252
USCG Station Fort Lauderdale
Jefferosn County Sheriff Office43.6751937-111.918002
Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries37.6246508726-77.4945025354
Napa County Sheriff's Office38.2971367-122.2855293
New Mexico State Parks - Ute lake State Park35.3656562-103.4108718
US Coast Guard Station Sheboygan43.7508284-87.71453
USCG Station San Diego32.7174209-117.1627714
Virginia Marine Police ( Eastern Shore Area )37.5318069-75.8229914
Boundary County Sheriff's Office48.6912792-116.3161408
USCG Station Belle Isle42.3315509-83.0466403
Sta Sault Ste. Marie46.490586-84.359269
Station Rockland44.104352-69.108124
USCG Station South Padre Island26.1036887-97.1646938
CG STA Marblehead, OH41.5403281-82.7354623
CG STA POINT ALLERTON42.3020436-70.9078243
Station Lake Tahoe39.1689372-120.1434787
USCG Station Golden Gate37.8590272-122.4854694
Columbia County Sheriff's Office43.539494-89.461334
MS Wildlife Fisheries and parks32.2990384-90.1847691
WV Division of Natural Resources37.7781702-81.1881557
Sector Boston VBST42.3602534-71.0582912
CG Station Shinnecock40.8689892-72.5175893
USCG Station Yankeetown29.0299729-82.7159396
CG STA Jones Beach40.6576022-73.5831835
USCG Station Umpqua River43.6770608-124.1748369
USCG STA NOYO RIVER39.445723-123.805294
MSU Baton Rouge
USCg Station Marathon24.7137524-81.0903512
National Park Service- Christiansted National Historic Site, Saint Croix, US Virgin Islands
USCG Station Grand Haven, MI43.0630734-86.2283864
USCG STA Small Ludington44.244447-86.324253
Station Fort Myers Beach26.4495273362-81.9360507549
USCG STATION OAK ISLAND33.9165623-78.161106
USCG Station Marquette46.5434914-87.396433
USCG STA Small Frankfort44.244447-86.324253
Coast Guard Station Quillayute River47.9096205-124.6362496
USCG Station NY40.5834557-74.1496048
Rocky River Police Department41.4756031-81.8393034
USCG STA Manistee44.244447-86.324253
National Park Service/Everglades NP/Gulf Coast25.8601002-81.380357
Station Kings Point40.8006567-73.7284647
CG STA Port Huron/CG STA (SM) Harbor Beach42.9815877-82.440466
Whatcom County Sheriff's Office48.7544012-122.4788361
USCG Sta Buffalo42.8867166-78.8783922
USCG Boat Forces Detachment St. Croix
USCG Station Chatham41.6820563-69.9597376
Station New London41.3556187-72.0997804
STATION GRAND ISLE29.2366172-89.9872942
Tehama County Sheriff's Office40.1784279-122.2359236
Section Summary18,409.1415502895-44,502.793658683724

Agency1 BAC Boaters Bui A Bui D Citations Location Vessels Violations City State Zip Officers Warnings OA1. OA1_ OA2 OA2_ OA3 OA3_ OA4 OA4_ OA5 OA5_ OA6 OA6_ OA7 OA7_ OA8 OA8_ OA9 OA9_ OA10 OA1
Agency: 96th Security Forces Squadron - Eglin AFB
96th Security Forces Squadron - Eglin AFB0000Eglin AFB, Choctawhatchee Bay.0Eglin AFBFL32,54220Florida Fish and Wildlife, Okaloosa County Sheriffs officeFlorida Fish and Wildlife
Group Summary00000 00  32,54220                    
Group Summary0.148,1245083 2,3540  71,913108314                    
Agency: Ada County Sheriff's Office
Ada County Sheriff's Office32000Lucky Peak State Park, Boise Idaho200BoiseID83,704214None
Group Summary032000 200  83,704214                    
Agency: Adams County Sheriff's Office
Adams County Sheriff's Office1500011500FriendshipWI53,934122Wisconsin Department of Natural ResourcesWisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Group Summary01500011 500  53,934122                    
Agency: Alabama Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Law Enforcement
Alabama Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Law Enforcement8631036Statewide863MontgomeryAL36,13010050None
Group Summary08631036 8630  36,13010050                    
Agency: Alaska DNR
Alaska DNR100007Nancy lake, Big Lake453WasillaAK99,65425AWT/ASTAWT/AST
Group Summary0100007 453  99,65425                    
Agency: Alaska Wildlife Troopers
Alaska Wildlife Troopers1,852243664PalmerAK99,64528101None
Group Summary01,8522043 6640  99,64528101                    
Agency: Allegan County Sheriff's Office
Allegan County Sheriff's Office769005Lake Michiagn, Kalamazoo River, Baseline Lake, Big Lake, Dumont Lake, Green Lake, Hutchins Lake, Lake Allegan, Lake Monterey, Lake Sixteen, Lower Scott Lake, Miner Lake, Selkirk Lake, Swan Lake, Osterhout Lake, Upper Scott Lake.261AlleganMI49,0101126N/AN/A
Group Summary0769005 2610  49,0101126                    
Agency: Arizona Game and Fish Dept.
Arizona Game and Fish Dept.0.162,39070104Statewide851PhoenixAZ85,0864576None
Group Summary0.162,39070104 8510  85,0864576                    
Agency: Asharoken Police Department
Asharoken Police Department050002160AsharokenNY11,768410None
Group Summary050002 160  11,768410                    
Agency: BFD ST THomas
BFD ST THomas025000St John, Water Island, St Thomas15St ThomasVI80261Virgin Isalnds Police Department, Customs Air and MarineVirgin Isalnds Police Department
Group Summary025000 150  80261                    
Group Summary0100007 340  95,965328                    
Agency: Baltimore County Police Department - Marine Unit
Baltimore County Police Department - Marine Unit22000Middle River, Back River, Patapsco River22Middle RiverMD21,220533None
Group Summary022000 220  21,220533                    
Agency: Baltimore Police Department Marine Unit
Baltimore Police Department Marine Unit60012Baltimore Harbor / Patapsco River / Curtis Bay3521BaltimoreMD21,2111223None
Group Summary0600012 3521  21,2111223                    
Agency: Barry County Sheriff's Office
Barry County Sheriff's Office8320014Gun Lake, Pine Lake, Barlow Lake, Wall Lake, Fine Lake, Jordan Lake, Thornapple Lake and Long Lake all in Barry County, MI496HastingsMI49,05810224None
Group Summary08320014 4960  49,05810224                    
Agency: Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol
Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol000004-Standardized Field Sobriety Training Classes: Supplied ODW material and incentives Parent Awareness Night: Supplied ODW material ODW Material to local college (Brazosport College) for disbursement to students ODW campaign shared during coalition meetings and in email blasts00PearlandTX77,58100Brazoria County Community Coalition, Tri County Community Coalition, Galveston County Community CoalitionBrazoria County Community Coalition
Group Summary00000 00  77,58100                    
Agency: Bayfield County Sheriff's Office
Bayfield County Sheriff's Office53001240EwashburnWI54,89115Wisconsin DNRWisconsin DNR
Group Summary053001 240  54,89115                    
Agency: Beltrami County Sheriff's Office
Beltrami County Sheriff's Office140000Lakes: Bemidji, Cass, Andrusia, Irvine, Gull, Blackduck, Buck, Kitchi, Stump, Rivers: Mississippi, Tamarac24BemidjiMN56,601245None
Group Summary0140000 240  56,601245                    
Agency: Benton County Sheriff’s Office
Benton County Sheriff’s Office0150001Willamette River and Santiam River covering Benton County and Linn County.1270CorvallisOR97,33043None
Group Summary0150001 1270  97,33043                    
Agency: Berrien County Sheriff's Deparment
Berrien County Sheriff's Deparment63500899St. JosephMI49,085920US Coast Guard - St. Joseph MichiganUS Coast Guard - St. Joseph Michigan
Group Summary0635008 990  49,085920                    
Agency: Big Cedar Lake PRD
Big Cedar Lake PRD42002642West BendWI53,04064None
Group Summary0420026 420  53,04064                    
Agency: Big Thicket National Preserve/Nat'l Park Service
Big Thicket National Preserve/Nat'l Park Service06000Beaumont, Texas30KountzeTX77,62530Texas Parks and WildlifeTexas Parks and Wildlife
Group Summary06000 30  77,62530                    
Agency: Bingham County Sheriff's Office
Bingham County Sheriff's Office538002Snake River American Falls Reservoir2072BlackfootID83,221611None
Group Summary0538002 2072  83,221611                    
Agency: Biscayne National Park
Biscayne National Park0.1471601010Biscayne National Park. Southern portion of Miami-Dade County.27HomesteadFL33,033513None
Group Summary0.1471601010 270  33,033513                    
Agency: Black Diamond Police Department
Black Diamond Police Department15000Lake Sawyer15Black DiamondWA98,01015None
Group Summary015000 150  98,01015                    
Agency: Blaine County Sheriff
Blaine County Sheriff37000Magic reservoir37haileyID83,333310None
Group Summary037000 370  83,333310                    
Agency: Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office
Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office5000Madison Lake, Duck Lake, Minnesota River, and Blue Earth River150MankatoMN56,001121Minnesota DNRMinnesota DNR
Group Summary050000 1500  56,001121                    
Agency: Bonner County Sheriff - Marine Division
Bonner County Sheriff - Marine Division37003Lake Pend Oreille and Priest Lake25SandpointID83,864915None
Group Summary037003 250  83,864915                    
Agency: Bonneville County Sheriff's Office, Idaho
Bonneville County Sheriff's Office, Idaho820002Palisades Reservoir and Ririe Reservoir1710Idaho FallsID83,4021429Idaho State PoliceIdaho State Police
Group Summary0820002 1710  83,4021429                    
Agency: Boundary County Sheriff's Office
Boundary County Sheriff's Office50101Kootenai River20Bonners FerryID83,80522None
Group Summary050101 200  83,80522                    
Agency: Branch County Sheriffs Office
Branch County Sheriffs Office0.23655102Branch County Lakes55ColdwaterMI49,036845Michigan Department of Natural ResourcesMichigan Department of Natural Resources
Group Summary0.23655102 550  49,036845                    
Agency: Brevard County Sheriff's Office
Brevard County Sheriff's Office450035Brevard County35Merritt IslandFL32,952535None
Group Summary0450035 350  32,952535                    
Agency: Brown Co. Sheriff's Office
Brown Co. Sheriff's Office4002The Bay of Green Bay (Lake Michigan) Fox River4Green BayWI54,31164USCG, WI-Department of Natural Resources, Green Bay Police DepartmentUSCG
Group Summary04002 40  54,31164                    
Agency: CA State Parks
CA State Parks160008Folsom Lake80FolsomCA95,6301540None
Group Summary0160008 800  95,6301540                    
Agency: CG STA Jones Beach
CG STA Jones Beach0.08829108South Shore Long Island between East Rockaway Inlet and Amityville Cut290FreeportNY11,52030Freeport Police DepartmentFreeport Police Department
Group Summary0.08829108 290  11,52030                    
Agency: CG STA Marblehead, OH
CG STA Marblehead, OH0.1844586438Lake Erie Islands, Sandusky Bay, Ohio, Sandusky River, Huron River.109MarbleheadOH43,4401816None
Group Summary0.1844586438 1090  43,4401816                    
CG STA POINT ALLERTON420015Hull Bay, Hull MA, Boston Harbor, Scituate, MA38HullMA2,045205Scituate Police Department, Weymouth PoliceScituate Police Department
Group Summary0420015 380  2,045205                    
Agency: CG STA Port Huron/CG STA (SM) Harbor Beach
CG STA Port Huron/CG STA (SM) Harbor Beach0100006From Caseville, MI down to Algonac, MI440Port HuronMI48,060192CG STA (SM) Harbor BeachCG STA (SM) Harbor Beach
Group Summary0100006 440  48,060192                    
Group Summary030004 300  33,04062                    
Group Summary050000 120  48,08070                    
Agency: CG Sector Lower Mississippi River
CG Sector Lower Mississippi River129001Lake Hamilton, AR201MemphisTN38,10567None
Group Summary0129001 201  38,10567                    
Agency: CG Station Depoe Bay
CG Station Depoe Bay13002Depoe Bay Harbor and waters around Depoe Bay, OR13Depoe BayOR97,34132Lincoln County Sheriff OfficeLincoln County Sheriff Office
Group Summary013002 130  97,34132                    
Agency: CG Station Freeport
CG Station Freeport028000Freeport/Surfside140SurfsideTX77,54180None
Group Summary028000 140  77,54180                    
Agency: CG Station Panama City
CG Station Panama City121003Grand Lagoon Panama City Beach, FL35Panama City BeachFL32,4071211FWCFWC
Group Summary0121003 350  32,4071211                    
Agency: CG Station Shinnecock
CG Station Shinnecock0.1587101Shinnecock Canal, Peconics260Hampton BaysNY11,94650Southampton Bay Constables, Suffolk County SherrifSouthampton Bay Constables
Group Summary0.1587101 260  11,94650                    
CGC ADELIE10000San Juan Islands10PORT ANGELESWA98,36220None
Group Summary010000 100  98,36220                    
Group Summary039000 390  23,459312                    
CGC ORCAS015002Coos Bay, OR15North BendOR97,45920Coos Bay Police DepartmentCoos Bay Police Department
Group Summary015002 150  97,45920                    
CGC RAZORBILL19000Chesapeake Bay70PORTSMOUTHVA23,70353None
Group Summary019000 70  23,70353                    
CGC SAWFISH00000NONE00GulfportMS39,50100None
Group Summary00000 00  39,50100                    
Group Summary1122103 50  54,45627                    
Agency: CT Environmental Conservation Police
CT Environmental Conservation Police0.14450308Connecticut River Long Island Sound Candlewood Lake Coventry Lake2208MarlboroughCT6,4472018USCG Station New London, Essex Marine Police, CT State Police, ESU, Old Saybrook Marine PoliceUSCG Station New London
Group Summary0.14450308 2208  6,4472018                    
Agency: CT State Police
CT State Police114108CT River Long Island Sound Candle wood Lake57ColchesterCT6,4151217CT DEEPCT DEEP
Group Summary0114108 570  6,4151217                    
Agency: California Department parks and Recreation
California Department parks and Recreation01891014Lake Oroville410OrovilleCA95,966411None
Group Summary01891014 410  95,966411                    
Agency: California State Parks - Ocotillo Wells District
California State Parks - Ocotillo Wells District20000Colorado River at the Picacho State Recreation Area of California, about 20 miles north of the Imperial Dam.4Borrego SpringsCA92,00441Imperial County Sheriff, US Fish and WildlifeImperial County Sheriff
Group Summary020000 40  92,00441                    
Agency: California State Parks - Silverwood Lake SRA
California State Parks - Silverwood Lake SRA130006Silverwood Lake SRA - Launch ramp and on lake11111HesperiaCA92,3459139US Coast Guard AuxilliaryUS Coast Guard Auxilliary
Group Summary0130006 11111  92,3459139                    
Agency: California State Parks, Millerton Lake SRA
California State Parks, Millerton Lake SRA0.1385106Millerton Lake SRA65FriantCA93,626958None
Group Summary0.1385106 650  93,626958                    
Agency: Canyon County Sheriff Office
Canyon County Sheriff Office0355008lake lowell, canyon county, idaho snake river, canyon county, idaho109CaldwellID83,605631None
Group Summary0355008 1090  83,605631                    
Agency: Caribou County Sheriff's Office
Caribou County Sheriff's Office65000Blackfoot Reservoir, Alexander Reservoir26Soda SpringsID83,276314None
Group Summary065000 260  83,276314                    
Agency: Cassia County Sheriff
Cassia County Sheriff020000Oakley Reservoir14BurleyID83,31820None
Group Summary020000 140  83,31820                    
Agency: Charles County Sheriff's Office
Charles County Sheriff's Office28000Potomac River Port Tobacco River6La PlataMD20,63746N/AN/A
Group Summary028000 60  20,63746                    
Agency: Charleston County Sheriff's Office
Charleston County Sheriff's Office28000Charleston harbor, ICW North and South, Cooper, Ashley and Wando River area.160North CharlestonSC29,405714None
Group Summary028000 160  29,405714                    
Agency: Charleston Police Department
Charleston Police Department78000Charleston Harbor18CharlestonSC29,403318Charleston County Sheriffs office, North Charleston Police Department, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, USGC sector CharlestonCharleston County Sheriffs office
Group Summary078000 180  29,403318                    
Agency: Charlotte County Sheriff's Office
Charlotte County Sheriff's Office0150011Boca Grande Sandbar, Ski Alley, Charlotte Harbor50Punta GordaFL33,982838Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC)Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC)
Group Summary0150011 500  33,982838                    
Agency: Charlotte Mecklenburg Policw
Charlotte Mecklenburg Policw0.1982212Lake Wylie28CharlotteNC28,273416USCG Sector NCUSCG Sector NC
Group Summary0.19822012 280  28,273416                    
Agency: Chelan County Sheriff
Chelan County Sheriff20001Lake Chelan60WenatcheeWA98,80140WDFWWDFW
Group Summary020001 600  98,80140                    
Agency: Chesapeake Police Department
Chesapeake Police Department05002Elizabeth River, Southern, Eastern and Western Branch5ChesapeakeVA23,32232None
Group Summary05002 50  23,32232                    
Agency: Chisago County Sheriff's Office
Chisago County Sheriff's Office200001Chisago Lake, North Lindstrom, South Lindstrom, Fish, South Center, East Rush, West Rush.140Center CityMN55,012188None
Group Summary0200001 1400  55,012188                    
Agency: City of Green Bay Police Department
City of Green Bay Police Department8003Fox River/ City of Green Bay, WI8Green BayWI54,30164None
Group Summary08003 80  54,30164                    
Agency: City of Lakewood Police Department
City of Lakewood Police Department00000LakewoodWA98,49900None
Group Summary00000 00  98,49900                    
Agency: City of Rye Police Marine Unit
City of Rye Police Marine Unit100002Long Island Sound / Rye Marina / Tide Mill Marina370RyeNY10,58074City of New Rochelle, Village of Mamaroneck, Village of Port ChesterCity of New Rochelle
Group Summary0100002 370  10,58074                    
Agency: Clallam County Sheriff's Office
Clallam County Sheriff's Office286001Marine area 6/Straits of Juan De Fuca Port Angeles143Port AngelesWA98,362430None
Group Summary0286001 1430  98,362430                    
Agency: Clark County Sheriff’s Office
Clark County Sheriff’s Office44000Ohio River. Port of Louisville27JeffersonvilleIN47,130612None
Group Summary044000 270  47,130612                    
Agency: Clarksville Police Department
Clarksville Police Department28000Cumberland & Red River140ClarksvilleTN37,04048TWRATWRA
Group Summary028000 140  37,04048                    
Agency: Clatsop County Sheriff's Office
Clatsop County Sheriff's Office12000Columbia River from the mouth of the Columbia to Westport Oregon.80WarrentonOR97,14640United States Coast Guard Sector Columbia River Boarding TeamUnited States Coast Guard Sector Columbia River Boarding Team
Group Summary012000 80  97,14640                    
Agency: Clay County Sheriff's Office
Clay County Sheriff's Office16004Black Creek Dr Lake St Johns River16GreenCove SpringsFL32,04322None
Group Summary016004 160  32,04322                    
Agency: Clearwater County Sheriff's Office
Clearwater County Sheriff's Office2460013Dworshak Reservoir246OrofinoID83,544448None
Group Summary02460013 2460  83,544448                    
Agency: Cleveland Metroparks Ranger Department
Cleveland Metroparks Ranger Department50001Mainly focused the Cleveland inner harbor area. Additionally areas of saturation included Cuyahoga River, Flats District and Edgewater Beach.19Fairview ParkOH44,126323CG STA Cleveland Harbor, Ohio Department Of Natural Resources Parks and Watercraft, Cleveland Division of Police, Rocky River Police DepartmentCG STA Cleveland Harbor
Group Summary050001 190  44,126323                    
Agency: Coast Guard Station Boston
Coast Guard Station Boston0.08520107Boston harbor20BostonMA2,10950Boston Police, Massachussettes environmental polcie, Massachussettes State policeBoston Police
Group Summary0.08520107 200  2,10950                    
Agency: Coast Guard Station Quillayute River
Coast Guard Station Quillayute River00000La Push, WA; Quileute Marina0La PushWA98,35030None
Group Summary00000 00  98,35030                    
Agency: Coast Guard Station Southwest Harbor
Coast Guard Station Southwest Harbor0.11630100Stonington Harbor, Maine (BUI) Southwest Harbor and Some's Sound Maine30Southwest HarborME4,67990None
Group Summary0.11630100 300  4,67990                    
Agency: Coconino COunty Sheriff's Office
Coconino COunty Sheriff's Office10700537PageAZ86,04010National Park Service, Page Police Department, Utah Department of Natural Recources, Arizona Fish and GameNational Park Service
Group Summary0107005 370  86,04010                    
Agency: Colchester Police Department
Colchester Police Department14000Malletts Bay, Lake Champlain VT6ColchesterVT5,44624None
Group Summary014000 60  5,44624                    
Agency: Collier County Sheriff's Office
Collier County Sheriff's Office01100211NaplesFL34,112711FWC, USCGFWC
Group Summary011002 110  34,112711                    
Agency: Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Colorado Parks and Wildlife0.1241,2641020Eleven Mile, Lake Pueblo, Boyd Lake, Barr Lake, Cherry Creek, North Sterling, Vega, Crawford, and Highline State Parks.536LittletonCO80,12553210None
Group Summary0.1241,2641020 5360  80,12553210                    
Agency: Columbia County Sheriff's Office
Columbia County Sheriff's Office105004Columbia River, Multnomah Channel105Saint HelensOR97,05123None
Columbia County Sheriff's Office9000Lake Wisconsin and the Wisconsin River9PortageWI53,90129None
Group Summary0114004 1140  150,952412                    
Agency: Columbus Ohio Division of Police
Columbus Ohio Division of Police123002Griggs Reservoir, O'Shaughnessy Reservoir, Hoover Reservoir all in Columbus, Oh. area.420ColumbusOH43,215362None
Group Summary0123002 420  43,215362                    
Agency: Contra Costa County Sheriff's Marine Patrol
Contra Costa County Sheriff's Marine Patrol70007Antioch, Pittsburg, Oakley, Bethel Island, Discovery Bay, Byron, Brentwood -San Joaquin River, False River, Franks Tract, Old River, Holland Tract, Indian Slough, Rock Slough, Werner Dredger Cut.20OakleyCA94,5611010None
Group Summary070007 200  94,5611010                    
Agency: Coos county sheriffs office
Coos county sheriffs office72000Coos Bay, Coquille River-main stem, Isthmus Slough, Ten mile lake, empire lake, Coos River360CoquilleOR97,42320None
Group Summary072000 360  97,42320                    
Agency: Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office
Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office6000Columbia River6KelsoWA98,62642None
Group Summary06000 60  98,62642                    
Agency: Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office
Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office0.2146101Whitefish Chain of Lakes, Bay Lake, Gull Lake Chain, Cullen Lake, Clark Lake, Pelican Lake, Lake Edward, Sibley Lake46BrainerdMN56,401745None
Group Summary0.2146101 460  56,401745                    
Agency: Custer County Sheriff’s Office
Custer County Sheriff’s Office700015Redfish Lake and Stanley Lake40ChallisID83,226222None
Group Summary0700015 400  83,226222                    
Agency: DNR Natural Resources Police
DNR Natural Resources Police0.0741,7990028Rivers - Big and Little Kanawha, Elk, Coal, Ohio, Tygart, New, Shenandoah, Monongahela, Guyandotte, Greenbrier, South Branch Lakes - Tygart, Sleepy Creek, Back Creek, Jennings Randolph, Mt. Storm, Stonewall, Sutton, Burnsville, Stonecoal, Bluestone, RD Bailey, Stephens, Plumb Orchard, Hawks Nest, North Bend913South CharlestonWV25,30378158US Army Corp of EngineersUS Army Corp of Engineers
Group Summary0.0741,7990028 9130  25,30378158                    
Agency: Dakota County Sheriff's Office
Dakota County Sheriff's Office53005Mississippi River, Lake Marion, Crystal Lake53HastingsMN55,033448Department Of Natural ResourcesDepartment Of Natural Resources
Group Summary053005 530  55,033448                    
Agency: Dane County Sheriff's Office
Dane County Sheriff's Office0.122501035900MadisonWI53,703753None
Group Summary0.122501035 900  53,703753                    
Agency: Delaware Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police
Delaware Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police2,5710050Statewide – Indian River Inlet, Rehoboth Bay, Lewes Canal, Assawomen Bay, Delaware Bay, Delaware River, & the C&D Canal.557DoverDE19,9432228Delaware Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement (DATE)Delaware Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement (DATE)
Group Summary02,5710050 5570  19,9432228                    
Agency: Department of Land and Natural Resources
Department of Land and Natural Resources12000Maui island Lanai island4KahuluiHI96,73244None
Group Summary012000 40  96,73244                    
Agency: Department of Natural Resources
Department of Natural Resources7,607163207Mississippi River, Missouri River, Lake Panorama, Middle Raccoon River, Great Lakes, Clear Lake, Saylorville, Coralville, 3 Mile Lake, Storm Lake, Rathbun Lake, Lake Anita/Prairie Rose,Blake Hawk Lake, Lake Manawa, Cedar River, Brinker Lake, Wapsipinicon River, Cedar River, North Twin Lake, Iowa River, Carter Lake58468Des MoinesIA50,319120247Wisconsin DNR, Iowa State Patrol, Panora PD, DNR Parks, USACOE, Polk City PD, Benton, Guthrie, Johnson, Clayton County, Iowa Sheriff Office, Benton and Linn County Conservation Board, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Crawford County Wisconsin, SOWisconsin DNR
Group Summary07,607163207 58468  50,319120247                    
Agency: Deschutes County Sheriff's Office
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office262000Wickiup Reservoir, Crane Prairie Reservoir, Deschutes River, Cultus Lake, Lava Lake, Paulina Lake, East Lake2490BendOR97,703434None
Group Summary0262000 2490  97,703434                    
Agency: Division of Environmental Enforcement DPNR STX
Division of Environmental Enforcement DPNR STX5000St. Croix, USVI. Area of concentration Northern areas of STX. Green Cay to Buck Island National Monument50ChristianstedVI82021USCG STX, Virgin Island Police Department Marine Unit STX, National Park Service Buck Island RangersUSCG STX
Group Summary05000 50  82021                    
Agency: Douglas County Sheriff's Office
Douglas County Sheriff's Office21000LAKE ENTIAT210East WenatcheeWA98,802316None
Douglas County Sheriff's Office30003Lake Tahoe in Douglas County, NV25MindenNV89,42325USCG Station Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe Police Department, El Dorado County Sheriff's Office, Nevada Department of WildlifeUSCG Station Lake Tahoe
Douglas County Sheriff's Office73002Cooper Creek, Loon Lake, Ben Irving, Galesville, Winchester Bay53RoseburgOR97,47059None
Group Summary0124005 990  285,6951030                    
Agency: Durham County Sheriff's Office
Durham County Sheriff's Office12000Falls Lake120DurhamNC27,701102Wake County Sheriff's Office, N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, US COAST GUARD AUXILLIARYWake County Sheriff's Office
Group Summary012000 120  27,701102                    
Agency: Dutchess County Sheriff's Office
Dutchess County Sheriff's Office180008PoughkeepsieNY12,601105None
Group Summary018000 80  12,601105                    
Agency: East Hartford Police Department
East Hartford Police Department035000Connecticut River - East Hartford, Connecticut20East HartfordCT6,02955N/AN/A
Group Summary035000 200  6,02955                    
Agency: El Dorado County Sheriff's Office
El Dorado County Sheriff's Office4360037Folsom Lake, Lake Tahoe, South Fork American River, Union Valley Res.10412PlacervilleCA95,667967None
Group Summary04360037 10412  95,667967                    
Agency: Elmore County Sheriff's Office
Elmore County Sheriff's Office50000Anderson Ranch Reservoir30Mountain HomeID83,64710None
Group Summary050000 300  83,64710                    
Agency: Erie County Sheriffs Marine Patrol
Erie County Sheriffs Marine Patrol200010Lake Erie ,Niagara River,Erie Canal200BuffaloNY14,202313None
Group Summary0200010 200  14,202313                    
FORT LAUDERDALE POLICE4000535fort lauderdaleFL33,301420None
Group Summary040005 350  33,301420                    
Agency: Fairfax County PD
Fairfax County PD15000Occoquan River/Pohick Bay4AnnandaleVA22,00336None
Group Summary015000 40  22,00336                    
Agency: Fairfield Police Marine Unit
Fairfield Police Marine Unit05000Long Island Sound50FairfieldCT6,82433None
Group Summary05000 50  6,82433                    
Agency: Falmouth Police Department
Falmouth Police Department21000Casco Bay, Maine210FalmouthME4,10522USCG Station South PortlandUSCG Station South Portland
Group Summary021000 210  4,10522                    
Agency: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)0.234,490551772Statewide9,404TallahasseeFL32,3995102,670None
Group Summary0.234,490551772 9,4040  32,3995102,670                    
Agency: Forest County Sheriff's Office
Forest County Sheriff's Office26001120CrandonWI54,52011None
Group Summary026001 120  54,52011                    
Agency: Fresno County Sheriff's Office
Fresno County Sheriff's Office805003Shaver Lake, Pine Flat Lake, lower Kings River152FresnoCA93,72413176None
Group Summary0805003 1520  93,72413176                    
Agency: GA DNR Law Enforcement
GA DNR Law Enforcement0.2284,306212294Altamaha River, Ogeechee River, St. Catherine's Sound, St. Simons Sound, St. Andrews Sound, Turtle River, Intercoastal Waterway, St. Mary's River, Lake Allatoona, Carters Lake, Chattahoochee River, Coosa River, Etowah River, Oostanaula River, Brushy Branch, Antioch Lake, Heath Lake, Lake Carroll, Lake Lanier, Lake Hartwell, Lake Burton, Lake Rabun, Lake Chatuge, Lake Nottely, Lake Seed, Lake Yonah, Tallulah Falls Lake, Vogel State Park Lake, Black Rock State Park Lake, Savannah River, Oconee River, Ocmulgee River, Alapaha River, Reed Bingham State Park, Banks Lake NWR, Paradise PFA, Lake Blackshear, Lake Worth, Lake Walter F. George, Lake Seminole, Flint River, Little River, Lake Oconee, Clarks Hill Lake, Lake Russell, Lake Chapman, Lake Sinclair, Lake Tobesofkee, Lake Jackson, West Point Lake, Lake Harding, Lake Oliver2,198Social CircleGA30,025145393Bartow County Sheriff's Office, Cherokee County Sheriff's Office, Gwinnett County Police Department, Rabun County Sheriff's Office, Putnam County Sheriff's Office, Columbia County Sheriff's Office, Troup County Sheriff's Office, South Carolina DNR, U.S. Army Corps of EngineersBartow County Sheriff's Office
Group Summary0.2284,306212294 2,1980  30,025145393                    
Group Summary030003 300  95,988412                    
Group Summary08000 300  55,066314                    
Agency: Gallia County Sheriffs Office
Gallia County Sheriffs Office9000Ohio River9OhioOH45,63143None
Group Summary09000 90  45,63143                    
Agency: Gem County Sheriffs Office
Gem County Sheriffs Office030000Black Canyon Reservoir360EMMETTID83,617613None
Group Summary030000 360  83,617613                    
Agency: Geneva Lake Law Enforcement
Geneva Lake Law Enforcement500024Geneva Lake, WI500Williams BayWI53,191612None
Group Summary0500024 500  53,191612                    
Agency: Gig Harbor Police Department
Gig Harbor Police Department19003Gig Harbor, Colvos Passage, Tacoma Narrows19Gig HarborWA98,335219None
Group Summary019003 190  98,335219                    
Agency: Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Office
Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Office0115000Wynoochee Lake and Pacific Ocean, Westport46MontesanoWA98,563688US Coast Guard - Grays Harbor, Washington Dept of Fish and WildlifeUS Coast Guard - Grays Harbor
Group Summary0115000 460  98,563688                    
Agency: Green Cove Springs Police
Green Cove Springs Police0000000Green Cove SpringsFL32,04300None
Group Summary00000 00  32,04300                    
Agency: Greenwich Police Department
Greenwich Police Department750005Long Island Sound2000GreenwichCT6,830167None
Group Summary0750005 2000  6,830167                    
Agency: Hampton Police Division
Hampton Police Division014000Lower Chesapeake Bay, Back River, Hampton River, Hampton Roads Bay.30HamptonVA23,66933None
Group Summary014000 30  23,66933                    
Agency: Harris County Sheriff's Office
Harris County Sheriff's Office61009San Jacinto River, Lake Houston, Clear Lake, Houston Ship Channel47HoustonTX77,002130None
Group Summary061009 470  77,002130                    
Agency: Hartford Town Police Department
Hartford Town Police Department031007Pike Lake, Washington County140HartfordWI53,02746None
Group Summary031007 140  53,02746                    
Agency: Hennepin County Sheriff's Office
Hennepin County Sheriff's Office961023All of Hennepin County Lakes with a strong focus on Lake Minnetonka960Spring ParkMN55,38413120Minnesota Department of Natural ResourcesMinnesota Department of Natural Resources
Group Summary0961023 960  55,38413120                    
Agency: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Marine Enforcement Section
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Marine Enforcement Section0.1812005017Beer Can Island, Williams Park, Sutton Channel, Sparkman Channel.510TampaFL33,605540FWCFWC
Group Summary0.1812005017 510  33,605540                    
Agency: Hull Harbormaster
Hull Harbormaster41006Hull Bay27HullMA2,04524None
Group Summary041006 270  2,04524                    
Agency: Humboldt County Sheriff's Office
Humboldt County Sheriff's Office0602005Humboldt Bay, Trinity River, Big lagoon, Stone Lagoon410EurekaCA95,5014159USCG Sector Humboldt BayUSCG Sector Humboldt Bay
Group Summary0602005 4100  95,5014159                    
Agency: Huron Police Department
Huron Police Department18000Lake Erie and Huron River12HuronOH44,839612None
Group Summary018000 120  44,839612                    
Agency: Illinois Dept of Natural Resources, Law Enforcement
Illinois Dept of Natural Resources, Law Enforcement0.1632,3419175Lake Michigan, Illinois River, Mississippi River, Fox River, Chain of Lakes, Clinton Lake, Lake Shelbyville, Carlyle Lake and several other locations88661SpringfieldIL62,70273296None
Group Summary0.1632,3419175 88661  62,70273296                    
Agency: Imperial County Sheriff's Office
Imperial County Sheriff's Office0.05110003Colorado River (Palo Verde, CA, Winterhaven, CA, and Yuma, AZ)2310El CentroCA92,227820California State Parks, California Fish and Wildlife, Yuma County Sheriff's Office (AZ), AZ State PatrolCalifornia State Parks
Group Summary0.05110003 2310  92,227820                    
Agency: Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources-Law Enforcement Div.
Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources-Law Enforcement Div.0.3094,405140132Raccoon Lake, Cataract Lake, Sugar Creek, White River, Blue Grass Pit, Ohio River, Patoka Reservoir, Wabash River, Lynville Park, Sylvan Lake, Big Long Lake, Oliver Lake, Olin Lake, Martin Lake, Lake James, St. Joseph River, Golden Lake, Jimmerson Lake, Snow Lake, Otter Lake, Crooked Lake, Clear Lake, Round Lake, Pigeon River, Big Turkey Lake, Barton Lake, Salamonie Reservoir, Indian Lakes Chain, Blue Lake, Goose Lake, Lake Gage, Lime Lake, Monroe Reservoir, Eagle Creek Reservoir, Geist Reservoir, Brookville Lake, Chapman Lake, Lake Wawasee. Eel River, Barbee Chain, Lake Maxinkuckee, Simonton Lake, Webster Lake, Syracuse Lake, Cook Lake, Lake of the Woods, Millpond Lake, Blue River, Hardy Lake, Starve Hollow Lake, Cedar Lake, Bass Lake, Lake Michigan, Lake Freeman, Tippecanoe River, Lake Waveland, Lake ShaferPrairie Creek Reservoir, Morse Reservoir, Summit Lake2,150IndianapolisIN46,20491243None
Group Summary0.3094,405140132 2,1500  46,20491243                    
Agency: Ipswich police
Ipswich police0.08451010Ipswich Bay28IpswichMA1,938418None
Group Summary0.08451010 280  1,938418                    
Agency: Island County Sheriff's Office
Island County Sheriff's Office145002Around the waters of Island County during crabbing season60CoupevilleWA98,239622None
Group Summary0145002 600  98,239622                    
Agency: Jackson County Sheriff's Office
Jackson County Sheriff's Office0.154504026Rogue River, Lost Creek lake and Immigrant Lake.200Central PointOR97,502210None
Group Summary0.154504026 2000  97,502210                    
Agency: James City County Police Department
James City County Police Department00000Chickahominy River (from the mouth of the James River to the mouth of Diascund Creek). The James River from the mouth of the Chickahominy River to the City of Newport News line. END.0WilliamsburgVA23,18820None
Group Summary00000 00  23,18820                    
Agency: Jefferosn County Sheriff Office
Jefferosn County Sheriff Office90003south fork of the snake river from Menan boat dock to Heise hot springs30RigbyID83,442510None
Group Summary090003 300  83,442510                    
Agency: Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office074005Lake Billy Chinook, Lake Simtustus, Metolius River, Deschutes River74MadrasOR97,741512None
Group Summary074005 740  97,741512                    
Agency: Jerome County Sheriff's Office
Jerome County Sheriff's Office70001Wilson Lake, Milner Reservoir, Snake River341JeromeID83,33850None
Group Summary070001 341  83,33850                    
Agency: Kansas Wildlife Parks and Tourism
Kansas Wildlife Parks and Tourism0.179266039Council Grove City Lake Lake Wabaunsee Wilson Reservoir Webster Reservoir Toronto Reservoir Fort Scott City Lake Eldorado Reservoir Cheney Reservoir X 2 Perry Reservoir Glen Elder Reservoir X 2 Clark State Fishing Lake Coldwater City Lake Cedar Bluff Reservoir Horsetheif Reservoir Lovewell Reservoir X 328810PrattKS67,1244473Alcohol Beverage ControlAlcohol Beverage Control
Group Summary0.179266039 28810  67,1244473                    
Agency: Kent Police Department
Kent Police Department018000Lake Meridian Kent, Washington7KentWA98,03262None
Group Summary018000 70  98,03262                    
Agency: Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife0.1672,136182165All major waterways in Kentucky1,03095FrankfortKY40,60190489None
Group Summary0.1672,136182165 1,03095  40,60190489                    
Agency: King County Sheriff's Office
King County Sheriff's Office180010Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish18KirklandWA98,033440None
Group Summary0180010 180  98,033440                    
Agency: Kingston Police Department
Kingston Police Department8000Watts Bar Lake8KingstonTN37,76320None
Group Summary08000 80  37,76320                    
Agency: Klamath County Sheriff's Office
Klamath County Sheriff's Office0.08601213Lake of the Woods and Klamath Lake40Klamath FallsOR97,60327None
Group Summary0.08601213 400  97,60327                    
Agency: Knox County Sheriff's Office
Knox County Sheriff's Office290001Knox Lake, Apple Valley, Kokosing Reservoir170Mount VernonOH43,0501015None
Group Summary0290001 170  43,0501015                    
Agency: Kootenai County Sheriff's Office
Kootenai County Sheriff's Office4006018Coeur d'Alene Lake, Spokane River200Coeur d'AleneID83,81512150USCG teams, Pudget Sound sectionUSCG teams, Pudget Sound section
Group Summary04006018 2000  83,81512150                    
Agency: LA County Sheriff's Department - Marina del Rey Station
LA County Sheriff's Department - Marina del Rey Station15000Marina del Rey Harbor - Main Channel/H Basin - Saturday check point Marina del Rey Harbor Basins/Main Channel/Entrance Channel15Marina del ReyCA90,292213None
Group Summary015000 150  90,292213                    
Agency: LASD Parks Bureau (Lakes)
LASD Parks Bureau (Lakes)200005Pyramid Lake, Castaic Lake74CastaicCA91,384826None
Group Summary0200005 740  91,384826                    
Agency: La Crosse Police Department
La Crosse Police Department0.13203011Mississippi River (Pool 8), Black River20La CrosseWI54,601527None
Group Summary0.13203011 200  54,601527                    
Agency: LaPorte County Sheriff's Office
LaPorte County Sheriff's Office019001Pine Lake LaPorte Indiana19LaPorteIN46,350214None
Group Summary019001 190  46,350214                    
Agency: Lake County (IL) Sheriff's Office
Lake County (IL) Sheriff's Office261010Fox River / Chain O' Lakes region26WaukeganIL60,085816None
Group Summary0261010 260  60,085816                    
Agency: Lake County Sheriff's Office
Lake County Sheriff's Office19000Lake Erie within Lake County borders, Grand River, Chagrin River12PainesvilleOH44,07784None
Group Summary019000 120  44,07784                    
Agency: Lake County Sheriff's Office/ Marine Patrol
Lake County Sheriff's Office/ Marine Patrol0.05295005Clearlake, Blue Lakes1897LakeportCA95,4537120Fish and GameFish and Game
Group Summary0.05295005 1897  95,4537120                    
Agency: Lake George Park Commission
Lake George Park Commission3250013Lake George127Lake GeorgeNY12,8451065None
Group Summary03250013 1270  12,8451065                    
Agency: Lane County Sheriff's Office
Lane County Sheriff's Office131006Fern Ridge Reservoir, Dexter Lake, McKenzie River, Willamette River, Fall Creek Reservoir,131EugeneOR97,401456None
Group Summary0131006 1310  97,401456                    
Agency: Larimer County Natural Resources
Larimer County Natural Resources0.156289506Horsetooth Reservoir, Ft. Collins CO and Carter Lake, Loveland CO.130LovelandCO80,5371055Larimer County Sheriff's Office, Colorado State Patrol, Colorado State University Police DepartmentLarimer County Sheriff's Office
Group Summary0.156289506 1300  80,5371055                    
Agency: Lauderdale Lakes Law Enforcement Patrol
Lauderdale Lakes Law Enforcement Patrol0.2539210229812DelavanWI53,1151347None
Group Summary0.253921022 9812  53,1151347                    
Agency: Leelanau County Sheriff's Office
Leelanau County Sheriff's Office255103Lake Leelanau; Glen Lake; Lime Lake; Little Traverse Lake; Cedar Lake; Grand Traverse Bay; Lake Michigan850Suttons BayMI49,682419None
Group Summary0255103 850  49,682419                    
Agency: Lincoln County Sheriff's Office
Lincoln County Sheriff's Office112002Alsea River, Yaquina Bay and Devil's Lake.32NewportOR97,36549None
Lincoln County Sheriff's Office144001Lake Roosevelt480DavenportWA99,12289National Park ServiceNational Park Service
Group Summary0256003 800  196,4871218                    
Agency: Linn County Sheriff's Office
Linn County Sheriff's Office610361AlbanyOR97,322415None
Group Summary061003 610  97,322415                    
Agency: Long Beach Police Dept/ Port Div.
Long Beach Police Dept/ Port Div.079000Port of Long Beach, Long Beach coastline from Alamitos Bay Marina to Shoreline Marina.27LONG BEACHCA90,80243None
Group Summary079000 270  90,80243                    
Agency: Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries
Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries5,66281177Lake Arthur, Bundick Lake, Chicot Lake, Calcasieu Lake, Prien Lake, Calcasieu Ship Channel, West Cove, Joseph Harbor, Rockefeller Refuge, Ouachita River, Caney Lake, Darbonne Lake, Lake Providence, Lake Bruin, lake Bartholomew, Bayou Desiard, Boeuf River, Barataria Waterway, Bayou St. Dennis, The Pen, Three Bayou Bay, Bayou DesAllemands, Lac DesAllemands, Lake Salvador, Lake Catouatche, Bayou Segnette, Lake Pontchartrain, Manchac Pass, Lake Maurepas, Bayou Bienvenue, Hopedale, MS River, Myrtle Grove, MRGO Bayou Plaquemine, False River, Grand River, Intracoastal Waterway, Lake Fausse point Cypremort Point, Vermillion River, Henderson, Butte Larose Cocodrie Lake /Kincaid Lake / Indian Creek Alexander State Forest/Toledo Lake/Larto Lake/Lake, Concordia/Lake St. John/Black River Lake/Horseshoe Lake/Cane River lake, Caddo Lake, Cross Lake, Cypress Reservoir, Lake Claiborne, Lake Bistineau, Grand Bayou Reservoir, Red River, Caney Lake, Mill Creek Reservoir, ICW, Lake Decade, Lake Long, Lake Fields, Bayou Chevruiel, Basin, Belle River, Amite/Blind River, Diversion Canal, Tickfaw river, Tangipahoa river ,Natalbany river, Blood River, North and South Pass, L. Ponchatrain, L. Maurepas2,734Baton RougeLA70,8989497None
Group Summary05,66281177 2,7340  70,8989497                    
Agency: Louisville Metro Police River Patrol
Louisville Metro Police River Patrol52005Ohio River MM 592-630261LouisvilleKY40,202410None
Group Summary052005 261  40,202410                    
Agency: MDMR
MDMR1,3322033Jackson, Harrison and Hancock Counties in Mississippi3261BiloxiMS39,5303213Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Parks and Fisheries, USCGMississippi Department of Wildlife, Parks and Fisheries
Group Summary01,3322033 3261  39,5303213                    
Agency: MPD Harbor Patrol Washington DC
MPD Harbor Patrol Washington DC1630020Potomac River - Woodrow Wilson to Key Bridge Anacostia River120WASHINGTONDC20,0242022USCG Station WashingtonUSCG Station Washington
Group Summary01630020 1200  20,0242022                    
Agency: MS Wildlife Fisheries and parks
MS Wildlife Fisheries and parks0.176,339101375Statewide...every public body of water1,98862JacksonMS39,211140113Reservoir Patrol, MS Dept of Marine ResourcesReservoir Patrol
Group Summary0.176,339101375 1,98862  39,211140113                    
Agency: MSD Cincinnnati
MSD Cincinnnati00000Ohio River00CincinnatiOH45,20440KY fish and wild life, Ohio department of natual resourses, Cincinnati police departmentKY fish and wild life
Group Summary00000 00  45,20440                    
Group Summary050000 100  61,61151                    
Agency: MSU Baton Rouge
MSU Baton Rouge20000Amite River, Diversion Canal, Tickfaw River, Blood River20Baton RougeLA70,73761Livingston Parish PD, Fish and WildlifeLivingston Parish PD
Group Summary020000 200  70,73761                    
MSU HUNTINGTON054001Norris Lake, Ohio River, Kanawha River54barboursvilleWV25,504102TWRA, Cabell Sherrif deptTWRA
Group Summary054001 540  25,504102                    
Agency: MT FWP
MT FWP5,13900291,713HelenaMT59,6204521None
Group Summary05,1390029 1,7130  59,6204521                    
Agency: Madera County Sheriff’s Office
Madera County Sheriff’s Office30015Bass Lake851OakhurstCA93,64412295California Fish and WildlifeCalifornia Fish and Wildlife
Group Summary0300105 851  93,64412295                    
Agency: Maine Marine Patrol
Maine Marine Patrol0.24505303Penobscot River, Bagaduce River, Stonington, Piscataqua River, Boothbay Harbor, Kennebec River, Harpswell, Saco River, Islesboro, St. George River, Camden Harbor, Vinalhaven, Frenchman Bay, Bar Harbor161AugustaME4,3332927Maine Warden Service, Kittery Police Department, US Coast GuardMaine Warden Service
Group Summary0.24505303 1610  4,3332927                    
Agency: Maine Warden Service
Maine Warden Service0.188,53430148Long Lake, Brandy Pond, Sebago Lake, Mousam, Osspiee, Silver Lake, Arrowhead, Rock Haven, Tripp Lake, Hogan Pond, Whitney Pond, North Pond, Round Pond, Little Sebago Lake, Richardson Lake, and many, many more4,302grayME4,09397467None
Group Summary0.188,53430148 4,3020  4,09397467                    
Agency: Malheur County Sheriff Office
Malheur County Sheriff Office185000Lake Owyhee, Bully creek, Snake river Malheur County67ValeOR97,91822None
Group Summary0185000 670  97,91822                    
Agency: Manistee County Sheriff's Office
Manistee County Sheriff's Office35001Back Waters of Tippy Dam Manistee Channel Big Manistee River31ManisteeMI49,66023Michigan Department of Natural ResourcesMichigan Department of Natural Resources
Group Summary035001 310  49,66023                    
Agency: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Arizona
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Arizona0.1471323036Lake Pleasant, Bartlett Lake, Saguaro Lake, Canyon Lake44MesaAZ85,215409None
Group Summary0.1471323036 440  85,215409                    
Agency: Marine Safety Unit Paducah
Marine Safety Unit Paducah0.1891,2005044Lake Barkley Kentucky Lake (Kentucky side) Kentucky Lake (Tennessee side)140PaducahKY42,003259Sector Ohio Valley Boat House, CGC Chena, CGC Chippewa, CGC Cimarron, Kentucky Fish & Wildlife, Tennessee Wildlife Resource AgencySector Ohio Valley Boat House
Group Summary0.1891,2005044 1400  42,003259                    
Agency: Marinette County Sheriff's Office
Marinette County Sheriff's Office129005335MarinetteWI54,14323Town of StephensonTown of Stephenson
Group Summary0129005 335  54,14323                    
Agency: Marion County Sheriff's Office
Marion County Sheriff's Office160000Rainbow River, Withlacoochee River and Salt Run/ Silver Glenn360OcalaFL34,47822FWC, Dunnellon Police DepartmentFWC
Group Summary0160000 360  34,47822                    
Agency: Marion County Sheriff's Office (Oregon)
Marion County Sheriff's Office (Oregon)0.09502018Detroit lake50salemOR97,301520None
Group Summary0.09502018 500  97,301520                    
Agency: Mariposa County Sheriff
Mariposa County Sheriff058000Lake McClure/ Lake McSwain300MariposaCA95,338325None
Group Summary058000 300  95,338325                    
Agency: Maryland Natural Resources Police
Maryland Natural Resources Police0.192,06170136Maryland Waterways - Atlantic Ocean off Ocean City and adjoining back bays, Chesapeake Bay and numerous tidal tributary rivers, Potomac River, C & D Canal, Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland. Maryland Natural Resources Police worked on all state waters during this operation Dry Water.1,188AnnapolisMD21,401166180USCG - Sector Maryland - NCR, Baltimore County Police, Prince Georges County PoliceUSCG - Sector Maryland - NCR
Group Summary0.192,06170136 1,1880  21,401166180                    
Agency: Massachusetts Environmental Police
Massachusetts Environmental Police6120025Satetwide3388ForestdaleMA2,64436102USCG Boston, USCG Brandt Point, Connecticut River Task Force, Easthampton PD, Hadley PD, Wareham DNRUSCG Boston
Group Summary06120025 3388  2,64436102                    
Agency: Miami-Dade Police Department
Miami-Dade Police Department0.14220265Miami, Biscayne Bay111MiamiFL33,0322056None
Group Summary0.142202065 1110  33,0322056                    
Agency: Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Michigan Department of Natural Resources0.2612,634200290Statewide4,992LansingMI48,933155750Houghton County Sheriff's Depart., Michigan State Police, Menominee County Sheriff's Depart., Montmorency County, Antrim, Ingham, Washtenaw Counties, Kalkaska, Hillsdale, Branch, Livingston Counties, US Forest Service, Blackman Township PD, Grand Traverse, Leelanu Counties, Oceana, Mecosta, Roscommon, Iosco CountiesHoughton County Sheriff's Depart.
Group Summary0.2612,634200290 4,9920  48,933155750                    
Agency: Milwaukee Police Department- Harbor Patrol
Milwaukee Police Department- Harbor Patrol350020Lake Michigan, KK River, Milwaukee River350MilwaukeeWI53,2331222None
Group Summary0350020 350  53,2331222                    
Agency: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources0.165,5748145Lake Minnetonka, St. Croix River, Mississippi River, White Fish Chain, Lake Superior, Upper & Lower Red and surrounding tourist lakes along with many other bodies of water across the state.2,027St PaulMN55,155150551Washington County Sheriff's Office, Ramsey County Sheriff's Office, Hennepin County Sheriff's Office, Blue Earth County, LeSeur County, National Parks Service, Wisconsin DNR, MN State PatrolWashington County Sheriff's Office
Group Summary0.165,57480145 2,0270  55,155150551                    
Agency: Missouri State Highway Patrol, Water Patrol Division
Missouri State Highway Patrol, Water Patrol Division0.2112,16370132Throughout the state of Missouri.40132Jefferson CityMO65,10275723N/AN/A
Group Summary0.2112,16370132 40132  65,10275723                    
Agency: Mohave County Sheriff's Office
Mohave County Sheriff's Office2352011Colorado River and Lake Havasu235Lake Havasu CityAZ86,40411146None
Group Summary02352011 2350  86,40411146                    
Agency: Mono County Sheriff's Office
Mono County Sheriff's Office49000Bridgeport Reservior, Topaz Lake, June Lake, Crowley Lake44BridgeportCA93,517111None
Group Summary049000 440  93,517111                    
Agency: Multnomah County Sheriff's Office
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office0206000Columbia River, Willamette River153PortlandOR97,2181210None
Group Summary0206000 1530  97,2181210                    
Agency: Murray County Sheriff’s Office
Murray County Sheriff’s Office1000Lake Shetek0SlaytonMN56,17231None
Group Summary01000 00  56,17231                    
Agency: ND Game and Fish
ND Game and Fish0.1753,2362085statewide1,05120BismarckND58,5014061Morton Co Sheriff's Dept., Bismarck PD, Burleigh Co. Sheriff's dept.Morton Co Sheriff's Dept.
Group Summary0.1753,2362085 1,05120  58,5014061                    
Agency: NH State Police Marine Patrol
NH State Police Marine Patrol2953022State wide120GilfordNH3,24934115None
Group Summary02953022 1200  3,24934115                    
Agency: NJ State Police
NJ State Police08800010Ocean, bays, rivers and lakes statewide.364West TrentonNJ8,628117353None
Group Summary08800010 3640  8,628117353                    
Agency: NM State Parks / Elephant Butte Lake State Park
NM State Parks / Elephant Butte Lake State Park0116003Elephant Butte Lake State Park, Marina Del Sur boat ramp620Las CrucesNM88,0071015NM Game and Fish, NM State PoliceNM Game and Fish
Group Summary0116003 620  88,0071015                    
Agency: NM State Parks / Navajo Lake State Park
NM State Parks / Navajo Lake State Park056000Navajo Lake State Park NM/CO2610Las CrucesNM88,00770NM State Police, USCG-Aux, San Juan County FireNM State Police
Group Summary056000 2610  88,00770                    
Agency: NPS St. Croix National Scenic Riverway
NPS St. Croix National Scenic Riverway0.0523000042Hayward, WI, Grantsburg WI, Osceola, WI, Stillwater,MN165St. Croix FallsWI54,024527None
Group Summary0.0523000042 1650  54,024527                    
Agency: NYS ENCON Police
NYS ENCON Police0.071,8581046Atlantic Ocean, LI Sound, NY Harbor, Jamaica Bay, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Hudson River, Mohawk River, Canadaroga Lake, Lakes Canandaigus, Keuka, Cayuga Lake, Greenwood Lake, Otsego Lake. Swinging Bridge Reservoir, White Lake, Rondout Creek, Esopus Creek, Peconic Bay, Great South Bay, Lake Champlain, Lake Champlain, Lake George, Greas Sacandaga Lake, Upper, Middle and Lower Saranac Lakes, Schroon Lake, Battenkill River, Rainbow Lake, Fishcreek Pond85681Ray BrookNY12,97713774USCGUSCG
Group Summary0.071,8581046 85681  12,97713774                    
Agency: Napa County Sheriff's Office
Napa County Sheriff's Office1232032Napa River and Lake Berryessa123NapaCA94,558769None
Group Summary01232032 1230  94,558769                    
Agency: Naples Marine Safety Division
Naples Marine Safety Division0.091821043Naples Maine Lakes Region Area: Long Lake, Brandy Pond, Sebago Lake, Trickey Pond, Songo River16NaplesME4,0551236None
Group Summary0.091821043 16  4,0551236